CooperCode's principal is Ken Cooper. He's been writing code since 1973, and still can't seem to pry himself away from it.

Ken is currently having fun building Klikaklu, the mobile scavenger hunt app.

In recent times you could find him doodling with Hoocoodanode, a Drupal-based custom chat blog for the excellent financial blog Calculated Risk.

Past projects include Jitsu, an open source AJAX framework; CodeSkipper, a class browser for Visual Studio; and CR Companion, a Firefox extension for Calculated Risk.

Prior to CooperCode, Ken was a UI architect at Microsoft, contributing six patents in his work on ASP.Net and the Windows Presentation Foundation.

In earlier work as a founder of Cooper & Peters, he co-wrote Eyeopener, a Java UI framework and application suite subsequently purchased by Microsoft.

In the early 90's he coauthored several popular tools for the Smalltalk environment: Widgets, a UI framework, widget set, and interface builder; WindowBuilder, a GUI designer now part of Eclipse; and edIt, a programmer's editor.

His earliest work consisted of rocket simulations in Alan Kaye's lab at Xerox PARC. At least, that's how his mom referred to them.

Ken lives with his family in Bellingham, Washington.